Hi, my name is Rita.

I am an freelancer currently living in Modena, Italy. I spend almost my free time for all kinds of crafts, especially crochet, embroidery and sewing.
Crochet lace is my hobby all the time. I always wish to make beautiful lace dress or doilies but it seems to take a lot of time to make one so I haven’t got any big project yet.
Cross stitch has never stopped amazing and inspiring me with a wide range of patterns which are easy to customize and to stitch. I often cross stitch some funny things to give my friends as gifts. Besides, I also make modern cross stitch hoop to decor the walls in my house. However my most favorite style is patterns inspired by nature with delicate and artful details.
I just love to use my entire day for handmade, to try all types of diy things and to be creative and skillful every second.

You can also visit my shop at http://www.thuhadesign.etsy.com/
Thank you for visiting,