You may think it is strange to sell leather products, cross stitch pattern and digital art at the same place. The reason we do that because this is a family business website.

We are a four member family living in a peaceful countryside of Nam Dinh, Vietnam.  We have the same interest in DIY and crafts but each one has their own preference.

My father is a farmer but he has spent a lot of time on handmade things. He has skillful hands and always helped family and neighbors with his creativeness and improvement.

His favorite material is leather. Many things we use daily like wallets and school backpacks are made by him and we feel so proud to wear them. He has a studio in our house where he works and sells the products for local people. His items are always favored since they are made with carefulness to the smallest details. The business has gone very well for 4 years and we think it is time for expanding it on online market. You can also visit our leather shop at

I am an oversea graduated student who is responsible for cross stitch pattern. I have been in love with all kinds of feminine DIY hobbies like crochet, embroidery, knit, and cross stitch.

I have made many items to send as gifts for friends and family. As my number of digital designs increased, I decided to open a digital cross stitch pattern shop over 1 year ago on Etsy. The shop is still open now at the address

My sister has a great passion on drawing and graphic design and has learned this at university. She has made beautiful clip arts of nature cute characters. She helps with web design and photography.

My mother loves knitting but she has been busy in local hospital as a doctor. She is the investor and a huge support for us.

We do hope that you will find good experience with our blog and shop.

Thank you for reading!